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15 ways to make your elopement unique

My favorite thing about elopements is that they are customizable! You can really make them your own. You can create a full day of celebrations that truly reflect what you enjoy doing together, and what is important to you as a couple. There are sooo many different ways to do this and so many different ways to make your elopement day special and unique to you. In this post I am going to chat about some ways to do just that and hopefully help give you some ideas for your special day!

1. Have an all day or multi-day elopement

Your elopement day is more then just an hour of photos, it is so much more important than that! Planning a whole day celebrating with intention is what every eloping couple at the least deserves! You can have a full day of fun and memories to look back on for the start of your marriage journey! Better yet plan a whole weekend or multiple days to celebrate your love! I have seen a handful of couples that will plan a day to enjoy with family and maybe a ceremony, and then a whole other day to focus on just the two of them.

2. Write letters to each other to read on the day of

This is such a fun and intimate way to start your elopement day. If you do not plan to write your own vows, this is a great alternative to still send a sweet message of just how much you love your partner on your day. I have seen couples exchange these letters while they are getting ready, or right before the ceremony or first look.

3. Have an adventure elopement

I may be bias but I personally think this is the most fun and unique way to spend an elopement! There are so many different short or long adventures you can incorporate into your day from hiking, to having a picnic in a scenic spot, the options for adventure are endless.

4. Plan a fun excursion

Why not do something you have always talking about doing together but never had the chance!? It's the perfect time to celebrate in an unforgettable way! Spend your morning on a helicopter tour in the mountains, or zip-lining in the forest! Again there are so many different options out there when it comes to excursions, and its the perfect excuse to do so!

5. Have a first look or get ready together

I personally love first looks, they are always full of emotion and give you and your partner a minute to yourself and to take it what is about to happen. These are honestly some of my favorite photos from elopement days. If you do no plan on doing a first look but also don't mind seeing each other prior to the ceremony, getting ready together is always a sweet way to enjoy the start of your day. There is such a sweet thought behind helping / getting ready with the person you are getting ready for, to marry!

6. Plan to have a meal, drinks, and or dessert together

I don't know about you but I hate being hangry! You definitely don't want to get hungry on your elopement day, especially if you're planning a long day full of celebrations! Is there something specific you both love to eat or celebrate with? Planning a picnic with a spread of snacks, a pizza, or grabbing some ice cream from your favorite ice cream stand after a hike, make sure you getting proper nourishment throughout your day! This is also a fun way to just relax with your partner and take a minute to take in the day!

7. Plan your ceremony spot somewhere fun

Whether it's a short or longs hike, or a scenic spot you can drive to, everyone loves a beautiful view! New Hampshire is such an amazing location with plenty of different options for natural and beautiful outlooks. Mountains, Lakes, Ocean, NH has it all! And of course this makes for great photos of your day! If there a spot that is meaningful to both of you, or you both love going to, have that be your ceremony spot! It adds a little more meaning and intention to your day when you can incorporate things that already have purpose in your relationship.

8. Write your own vows to each other

If you are planning an elopement where it is just going to be the two of you at your ceremony, this is such a great opportunity to write meaningful vows to your partner. The special thing is, you can solely write them for just your partner and not for anyone else. You can make them so meaningful and special and not think about what others would want you to say, or would think. This is such a special way to make your day more intimate.

9. Say your vows in private

Even if you have a few guests, you can still have a little ceremony with everyone attending, and still say your vows in private later on! Like referenced above, this way you can really focus on your true feelings and what your truly want to share with your partner and not try to make things funny for guests.

10. Invite a couple of your closest people

Best friends, siblings, or even your parents, invite a couple people who have always been by your side and full support you. Have someone there that will make you feel loved, supported, and who really wants to be there for you.

11. Bring your pup

This may not be for everyone or every pup. If you typically adventure with your dog and they are a big part of your relationship, bring them! Ideally they should be good, off leash and have a great recall. If they do not do well off leash and you would really like them there, have a dedicated person to tend to them. (I plan on writing a whole blog post about bringing your dog to your elopement in the near future so keep an eye out for that.)

12. Plan a first dance

Dance by the fire of your airbnb, or on a mountain top, or the streets of a beautiful city! This makes for such a fun sentimental memory you can hold on to forever!

13. Plan a surprise for your partner

How exciting to have a little surprised planned for your partner for your elopement day! Maybe its something you will do the morning of, or somewhere you will go after! A surprise will certainly be unforgettable on your big day!

14. Visit a dream destination

This is a once in a lifetime moment, why not go all out!? Travel to a location you have always dreamed of to elope, adventure, and celebrate! Pro tip: If you end up traveling somewhere awesome for your honeymoon, be sure to get a photographer to capture those amazing memories to look back on! Everyone can take a selfie, but imagine having professional photos to look back on while you are both celebrating at a dream location.

15. Catch the sunrise, or sunset together

Not only are both sunrise and sunset considered "golden hour" but, what a badass way to start or end the day with the person you are going to, or just married!

I hope this sparked some thought and ideas of ways to make your elopement day that much more fun and sentimental! If you're looking for different activities to incorporate into your day be sure to head over to my blog post about: What to do on your elopement day


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