• Caroleanne Moralez

Alicia and Nick - Engagement

I know Alicia from years back when we use to ride horses together at the same barn! We have so many fun memories from our barn days! When she reached out to me with the amazing news that she was engaged and asked me to photograph her wedding I was more than thrilled!

During this engagement session it was clear that Alicia and Nick found the perfect soulmates! The support they both have by Alicia's amazing mom who tagged along to be a huge help with Beau (when it wasn't his time to shine) was so clear and special to see. I’m sure you can all imagine how excited I was when Alicia told me she was going to bring her pup!! He is such a love and just wanted to be right there with his parents the whole time for belly rubs!!

It was such a beautiful day to tell such a special story and I had a total blast during this session! I truly cannot wait to photograph the love story of these two on their wedding day!

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