• Caroleanne Moralez

Amanda and Garrett - Sunrise Engagement

I know Amanda and Garrett from going to the same high school together! Believe it or not, I haven't actually met Garrett until the day of this session! Yup, that’s just how big our high school was! I was so excited when they decided to use me for their engagement photographer!! I had been dying to do a sunrise engagement session on the beach but thought it might be hard to find a couple to agree to getting up that early! When Amanda had suggested it, I of course jumped on that idea! I met them early in the morning on a beach in Rye NH where Garrett proposed to Amanda! How more perfect of a spot can you get!? They braved the cold for the beautiful sunrise! It was truly a perfect session! I barely had to give them direction, Garrett knew just what to do and how to make Amanda giggle and it was truly so sweet and cute! The warm tones of the sunshine really made the love between these two shine! I had the pleasure of doing a second fall engagement session with these two as well, stay tuned for more of this adorable couple! Thank you Amanda and Garrett!!

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