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Camping - Adirondack Mountains

As many of you may have seen last year Zac, the dogs, and I took a trip over to The Adirondack Mountains of NY. We camped at Harris Lake Campground for almost a week. We always try to get a water site while camping to make it easier for boat access. Our site was perfect! There was a little hill down to the water but it flattened out and had a perfect sandy little beach area (where I did a lot of hanging out and the dogs did a lot of swimming). We had enough room on our site to set up a spare tent for the dogs to go in and out as they please. They also had their chuck it beds which I am so glad I ended up purchasing, they loved them and used them every night as we sat by the fire! Weather wise we really did luck out. It only rained one day and after a brief minute of being a debbie downer we made the best of it! We attempted to find the ghost town of Tahawus, unfortunately the land of the town had been bought and there were no trespassing signs about a mile into looking which put an end to that adventure.

There were A LOT of different hikes to choose from! I wish we had more time to explore more but I would definitely love to go back! We ended up hiking to a really neat remote pond, it was so beautiful and the dogs got to go for a swim! There was barely anyone on the trail which was great! The next day we hiked Mount Moxham! It was the perfect amount of incline that made it all worthwhile for the views! As you got toward the summit, there were so many views along the way! I stopped multiple times to capture the views! We enjoyed my favorite hiking food (pb&j) at the top and enjoyed the summit to ourselves for a while before making our descent back to the car.

Unfortunately I did not get to do any fishing, the pups aren't that great at boating. We enjoyed just hanging out at the campsite on our own private mini beach while Zac took the boat out. At first I thought the lake was going to be a dud, since the first couple of times out on the water he didn’t catch anything.. but, when Zac pulled the boat over to the site saying “Grab your camera!!” I knew I was wrong!

All in all, it was an amazing much needed trip! And there really is nothing better than a getaway with my favorites!!


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