• Caroleanne Moralez

Christine and Jon - Maternity

I met Christine at a previous job where we both worked together and when she reached out to me about maternity photos I was very excited! Christine reached out to me very early on with how happy she was and how she couldn't wait for photos! We chatted a whole bunch and finally planned a day we both had off from our tech jobs to meet up for photos!

Christine and Jon picked the PERFECT location for their session! They found an adorable little trail to a very pretty view and everyone knows how much I love trails, hiking, and a good view! I truly could not have thought of a better spot for this session! There were many rainy days in our forecast so as the day approached I was a bit nervous we might have to give in to the rain and reschedule. The day came and it was just perfect weather, no rain, a slight breeze and a bit of sunshine!

After a restless night that turned into being a bit of a scare (everything turned out well and everyone is safe and sound) the day turned into just the thing these two parents to be needed. These two were naturals in front of the camera! Jon did a great job of showing off his love for his newly married wife and I couldn't get enough of it! These two are just the sweetest and their little bean sprout has a beautiful loving family to enter into. Thank you Christine and Jon for inviting me to capture such a sweet and special time of your life! I loved every minute of it!

Since this session Christine gave birth to their adorable little beansprout Logan! Congratulations Christine and Jon!

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