• Caroleanne Moralez

Deep Sea Fishing

Early this week, Zac and I decided to go on a last minute deep sea fishing trip with Eastman's Docks out of Seabrook NH! I had never gone before so I was super excited to get this experience, and naturally I photographed it! The almost 2 hour boat ride out to the fishing spot was so relaxing, I could have fell asleep. It was fun to get to know the people around us and enjoy each catch! Apart from the absurd amount of dog fish that we were all catching left and right, it was truly a great time! Those dog fish are cute little fellas but are really just a pain! Out of all of the ones caught that day, I pushed off getting a photo of one and ended up not getting any! I'm happy to have at least caught one fish to take home though! Check out Zac's fish below! I learned some tricks and I will be more prepared next time! I already can't wait to do it again! We lucked out and got to see a whale on our way out and our way back! I had never seen one before, so I was very excited when the captain pointed it out and slowed down for all of us to see! Once we got off the boat we grabbed dinner with a good friend and it was the perfect ending to our day! And of course grabbed some beach pizza on our way home!

I hope you enjoy the photos from our little trip!


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