• Caroleanne Moralez

Happy All Hallows' Eve!

This amazing session had been talked about for a long time! I know Cristin from a pervious job we use to work at together. I know she loves halloween and all things spooky just as much as I do, and I knew she would love the idea of a halloween spooky session! When her partner Tony and daughter Emily said they too, would be in this spooky session I was so excited!! Every couple of days before this shoot, Cristin and I would text back and forth about just how excited we both were for it, we couldn't wait for shoot day!

Cristin made some amazing props (the awesome caldron and the book of shadows) and they were just perfect! I am so glad Cristin thought of the Madame Sherri Forest for this session it truly was the perfect spot! The touch of yellow leaves in the background make the staircase pop a bit more! Luckily it was a fairly shot hike in to the staircase so carrying all those pumpkins in wasn't so bad.

I truly had an amazing time hanging out with this perfect family! They are so kind and sweet to each other and I just love how much fun we all had during this session! I hope you all enjoy a look into this spooky session on this spooky day!

Thank you Cristin, Tony, and Emily for such an amazing! Till next halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

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