• Caroleanne Moralez

Jordan & Eddie - Maternity

Jordan and Eddie just so happen to be referrals / best friends with my cousin Julia! When I first started chatting with Jordan through messages before I even met her in person, I knew we would get along so well! Talking a few months back I was excited to play a small role in her pregnancy journey! These parents to be got married about 1 year ago in Aruba! Awesome right!? And now they are starting a little family together! I love being a part of such a special time in peoples lives. It is such an intimate and sweet time in life and I am so pleased I got to capture a little bit of that for this family!

We lucked out with the weather on this session since it was sandwiched between a large amount of rainy windy days. The sun was shining bright, the birds were out singing, and we were off on a nice little stroll around Bensons Park. We wondered down some trails and found some pretty backdrops to capture the adventurous start to this little family!

Thank you Jordan and Eddie for choosing me to capture the love between your growing family!

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