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K9 Role Models - Dog Training

I've known Vannessa Since I was about 9 years old. We met through horseback riding at the same barn and became really good friends. When she reached out to me and told me she was going to be starting her own dog training business I was so excited and happy for her! I was pleased that she chose me to take photos of her extremely well trained dogs! We lucked out on a really warm spring day to take the dogs out in down town Manchester. I was blown away at how well they obeyed their each command and how much they truly loved it! It was awesome to see how both dogs reacted to Vannessa and how much love they have for being trained. They were both so sweet and loving, and full of personality. It was a pleasure to get to photograph their skills!

I strongly recommend K9 Role Models to anyone who is trying to train their dog to be obedient and have good manners wherever you take them. Vannessa has experience working with all different kinds of breeds! I know it's a great feeling to be able to bring your dog on adventures off leash and even walk well on a leash. K9 Role Models can do just that and so much more! Check out the amazing canine models pictured below Anita and Zir!

Dog Trainer: Vannessa of k9 role models

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