• Caroleanne Moralez

Kala and Blaine - Couples

Sessions with these two are always just perfect! I was so happy when they told me they wanted another couples session! Thats right they should look familiar, their last session was on a very frigid day back this past winter. We lucked out with beautiful weather this time around!! And of course we started our session off right with mimosas and hanging out as they got ready!

As you probably know from their last blog post Kala is one of my best friends, and the two of them make my favorite couple! Hanging out with these two is never a dull moment!! I am lucky enough to live right down the road from them, so we decided to have this session on the top of a winding road in our home town of Warren, NH. It made for the perfect backdrop!

These photos were taken a few weeks back, Kala and Blaine have since gotten engaged!!! I am so beyond excited and happy for them!! I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love!!

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