• Caroleanne Moralez

Loren Deering - Newborn Lifestyle Session

Remember a couple blog posts back, the adorable couple Julia and Pete and their 3 dogs? Well Julia and Pete got to welcome their precious son Loren Derring into this world a couple of weeks ago! I got the wonderful pleasure of capturing new family moments between the 3 of them! Julia and Pete welcomed me into their home just 2 weeks after tiny Loren made his entrance! I almost forgot just how small and darling new borns are! Though he was only 2 weeks old and so small, he sure did know how to move his arms and legs all around!

It was so sweet and heartwarming to have had the chance to just hangout with this new family for a couple of hours this afternoon. I loved seeing how their original crew (their three dogs) reacted to their new human sibling, some totally in love, some less interested. Their home was the perfect setting to capture their journey together into parenthood. Something that made this session even more special is that Julia and Pete donated to help my uncle for this session! It was so special to me to get to capture this milestone in their journey of being new parents. Thank you Julia, Pete, and Loren!

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