• Caroleanne Moralez

Miranda and Justin - Engagement

A couple weeks back, I was totally honored to have captured the love between my absolutely beautiful cousin Miranda and her fiance Justin on their engagement session! Being a dog mom and forever lover of the fury critters like me, Miranda decided to bring her pups to session! They are a part of the family after all! And so much a part of their relationship! The pups sure did give us a great excuse to laugh throughout the entire session! From them bouncing around in excitement and me basically doing the same to them trying to get them to look at the camera, I don’t think a smile left any of our faces the entire time!

The love between pups and pup parents was not the only bond I got to experience! Miranda and Justin have been together for what feels like forever! When I heard that he finally popped the questioned I could not have been more excited for the both of them! For any of you who know us Moralez’s know that our amazing/crazy family can be just a tad out of the ordinary and well Justin seems to fit in just perfectly!! The love between these two is just apparent when they are together, they were complete naturals in front of the camera!!

I think the best thing about this day was how it ended! After this adorable session we all (Miranda, Justin, Julia another amazing cousin of mine, and Julias friend) grabbed dinner together! Moments like these are special because they are very few and far between! BUT what made it even more special was Miranda asked both me and Julia to be a part of her wedding day!!! I am so beyond thrilled to be by your side the day you say I DO! <3

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