• Caroleanne Moralez

Samantha and Kyle - Fall Wedding

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I met Samantha through work, and I remember a little after she had gotten engaged and learned that I was a photographer she was quick to ask me to photograph their wedding day! It being my first solo wedding to be booked I was SO excited! Samantha and Kyle decided to have their wedding on their property, and it was so fitting for them! They have a beautiful piece of property in VT with a farm! Dog Hill Farm with pigs, goats, chickens, and of course their pups! The ceremony overlooked the beautiful mountains of their front yard and the reception took place next to their perfect little pond and apple trees! The leaves changed just in time to create a perfect foliage in their backyard for family photos! The love and support these two have from their friends and family was just too special. This day brought many joyful tears, laughs, and amazing times they will forever remember.

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