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What is an elopement/intimate wedding? What does it mean to elope?

I consider an elopement to be getting married with the motive of celebrating, who you are as a couple. Purposefully planning a day around celebrating you two as a partnership joining the journey of life together. It can truly be a day made around you, and unfolded any way you desire. It is a focus to celebrate your love, doing what you would like to do, and what represents you.

The technical definition of ‘elope’ is to “run away secretly in order to get married, especially without parental consent” and that is what a majority of people think of when they hear the word elopement. I want you to scratch that thought! It can be a day that you dream up and make it a reality. It can be just you and your partner, or a handful of your closest people. Regardless of what the dictionary says, these people can even be your parents, family, or close friends. Because the feel of an elopement changes when more people get involved, I choose for my elopement packages to be a maximum of 20 people. When there are more people than this, the day typically becomes less about you as a couple, and more about who is there and what they want. Ultimately it is about the feel of the day and how you create it. I choose to categorize a guest count of 20-40 people as an intimate wedding. The day can still be created around the couples true desires, with a few more people attending.

You might be thinking, well where would we elope? Where would we want to start our journey together? Well, that's totally up to you, and the options are endless! The amazing thing about elopements is you don’t need a venue. You can have a ceremony on a mountain top, or by a lake, or on the property of a beautiful airbnb, or even on a frozen lake by a bob house in a winter wonderland! There are so many options and a handful of beautiful public land that can be the start of your adventure.

Here is a link over to a blog of Where to Elope in NH. I’m here to guide you along the way of creating a dream day into the day you join your life partner forever.


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