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What to do on your elopement day

There are soooo many options and great ways to spend your elopement day. From an adventurous day of hiking or on a fun excursion, to having a picnic in your backyard, there are so many different ways you can celebrate your elopement day and love together.

1. Adding an activity, or keeping the day more low key

First you are going to want to decide if you want to enjoy your day with an activity or if you would like to keep your day more low key. Either way are great options, and are going to come back to who you are as a couple and how you want to celebrate the start of your marriage journey together. The important thing is don’t forget to think of how you want to look back on this day and remember it and how you want to feel during it. This is a lifetime experience you will never forget and it should be such a special day of celebrating in whatever way you desire! You can certainly plan a low key day and still include an activity too! There are seriously so many options!

After you decide if you would like to incorporate an activity, then decide who you want there for the activity and where in the day you would like to plan it. The activities you could do on your elopement day are endless! Here is a list of some examples of things you could do:

2. Activities you could do on your elopement day

Hiking (short or long hike)


Ice Fishing




Cooking together

Make breakfast together

Having a picnic

Build a bonfire / make s'mores

Go on a helicopter tour

Go horseback riding / trail riding

Play music together

3. When to do the activities on your elopement day

Again, the options are endless so this list is just to help give you some ideas and get you started. Once you have decided if and what activity you would like to do on your day, then you have to decide where in the day you would like to do said activity. Keep in mind the best portrait time of day / glow-y lighting is going to be sunrise and sunset. Then start from the beginning of the day and work your way through!

Maybe you want to wake up and make breakfast / have coffee with your partner. Or you plan to stay at an airbnb and your parents want to make you breakfast while you get ready for the day. Or maybe you would like to start the day with your adventure together with a hike for sunrise! Maybe you want to plan a picnic with just you and your partner for later in the day on a summit and catch sunset from the top of a mountain. Or maybe you want your ceremony in the woods surrounded by all your close people and share a toast together followed by an activity with you all, or maybe just enjoy some apps! Maybe you want to go for a trail ride on horseback to your favorite spot where a picnic awaits you after your ceremony together! This day is about you and how you would like to celebrate it! I can’t say this enough, the options are endless! Everyone's day can look very different!

4. There so much you want to do on your special day!? Have you thought about a multi day elopement?

After reading this you may be thinking to yourself, this all sounds amazing, but I want to incorporate so much into my elopement / intimate wedding but it is too much for one day…then have a MULTI day elopement! Why not! This is a once in a lifetime experience and such an intimate and special time in your life, celebrate it just how you want! Multi day elopements are becoming more popular. This is a great way to not only incorporate everything you would like to do, but also your closest people and still have time for you and your partner. Some people decide to have a day surrounded by the people they want by their side, and another more intimate day with just their partner doing an activity. The choice is yours, this is a great option as well!

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