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Where to elope in NH

Ahh, so you’re thinking about eloping in NH? Imagine using the outdoors of New Hampshire as your venue! The amazing thing about the granite state is that there are so many breathtaking locations all around the state to start your journey together. From the coast, to the lakes region, to the mountain tops, all in one state there is so much to choose from. I’m here to help you get started on a general area that might reflect you best as a couple.

The White Mountains

Okay, I may be a little bias here but I've got to start with my favorite place!

Are you hikers? The White Mountains could be the perfect spot for you. There are so many stunning hikes in the whites, varying from a short easy hike, to a longer day hike. The great thing is, you can pick what suits you best. A short stroll into the woods, or a longer hike up to a summit with a backdrop of rolling mountains, the choice is yours! I personally feel fully myself here in the white mountains, there is just something so magical about them and the feeling it gives you overing looking the beauty of nature. Here is a link to how to elope in the white mountains. (insert link here)

The Lakes Region

You’re not big on hiking up a mountain, but you love nature? Maybe the lakes region is for you! Just like the mountains, there is something magic about looking out over a big body of water outlined by a ridge. The lakes region is just that, and all around beautiful. There are a variety of lakes, small and big, with short, and long hikes to access them. From walking from a parking lot to the beach area of a lake, to going for a walk through the woods to a spot that peeks out over a lake view, there are so many beautiful spots!

There are also so many amazing state parks around the state that could be great locations! Just make sure you contact them and follow any rules / regulations, and collect proper permits.

The lakes are even stunning in the winter! You get a view of mountains in the background of most of the lakes around NH, and they are a perfect spot for a glow sunset that reflects off the frozen snow covered lake!

The Coast

Last but not least, the coast! There might be a bit less of an adventure to a NH coastal elopement spot, but it is still stunning.

The coast is another great spot that is beautiful even in the winter! Not to mention easily accessible and with a lot less crowds, the coast can make for a great winter elopement location!

Want to one up the NH coast, let’s chat about Acadia National Park! I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this blog post about where to elope in NH? Yes, but hear me out. Acadia National Park in Maine is another level of beauty that NH’s coast just doesn’t offer. Mountains and the ocean in one spot, now that is magic! There are plenty of adventurous areas here that are absolutely gorgeous.


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