• Caroleanne Moralez

Windsor Veterinary & Dental Service

Over the winter Angie reached out to have photos done of her bosses dogs for a Christmas present, they loved them and a couple weeks ago asked me to take photos of their vet clinic and employees! I am so thankful they enjoyed my work and asked for me to get this job done!

They own Windsor Veterinary & Dental Service (located in Windsor VT) and are truly amazing at what they do, I got to see it first hand! I got to hangout and watch them perform a dental, I did not realize how much goes into it! It is clear they have so much passion for what they do there. I also got to photograph them with their dogs and other employees with their pets! The sun was out and tails were wagging, it was a perfect day! We found a perfect spot right out front of their clinic under an apple tree to take photos! Thank you so much for choosing me to capture such an amazing clinic and team! Enjoy an inside look at keeping your pups teeth clean!

Windsor Veterinary & Dental Service - www.vetsinwindsor.com

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