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(Yes, like from the poltergeist! Spooky, I know!)


I'm a 28 year old hiker, dog mom, ER vet tech, and the obvious photographer behind the camera!  I am located in the Lakes Region of NH, just south of my favorite place, the White Mountains. I'm currently living a dream life, in a beautiful old home with my amazing boyfriend / best friend Zac, and our 2 pups, Steven and Ruby.   My pups and the mountains are the original reason for my love of photography.  Adventure and mountain tops are what make me feel the most me, and simply alive.


 I transitioned from documenting my own story to help telling the beautiful story of others about 3 years ago.  I've recently gone down to part time at the vet clinic I work at, to focus and grow my business. Wahoo!  Through my journey of story telling, I have learned I  have a passion for telling love stories.  I'm excited to see where our stories meet! 

Fun Facts About Me:

~ I'm also a duck mom! I currently have 3 ducks I raised from ducklings.  (I plan to get more of course!) All 3 are different breeds, and I love my Indian Runner duck! Also their eggs are sooo good! 

~My favorite NH hike so far is the famous Franconia Ridge!

~ One summer I hiked half of the NH 4kers. I'm working on knocking them all off my list, a lot slower now, because life! Haha.


If you haven't guessed it yet, other then hanging out with the ducks (aka the girls), hiking with my favorites is what I like best. I'm a sucker for a good sunset / sunrise hike! These 3 are my love story!



Yes, I love the outdoors, yes I love hiking but thats not it.  I feel so strongly that a couple should have a secure and meaningful way of sharing their vows and starting life together.   It is so much more than just an awesome backdrop, or the color dress Sussie wants to wear, its about YOU and your authentic story.  Getting to share and tell a couples true love story,  bringing awareness to a couple that they don't have to have a big wedding and invite all these people they don't talk to much, and instead have a day  that is about just them.

Creating a day that is about you, unfolds how you envision it, is meaningful to you, and getting to capture that for you to look back on, that is why I'm here.


Ive been a guest at, and have photographed a handful of bigger weddings that are chaotic and more about what others want, or the couples only moment together is rushed because the GUESTS are hungry, or the timeline is all off, or what have you.  I'm here to show and help you create an experience that is relevant and essential to you as a couple.


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