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A story telling approach.


I have a documentary based approach to capturing your day. I’m here to capture YOU being YOU on your day.


The laughs, the tears, and the moments in between, documenting your adventure together and how it naturally unfolds is what tells the best stories. 


What its like to work with me:

Your elopement day is about YOUR story, I'm here to help tell yours. I do my best to make your day not feel like a photo session.  Imagine it more like hanging out with a good friend as they document your wedding day vs a photographer posing you all day.


Working with me is far from a photo shoot! Through our calls together I coach you on remembering the little things you do together around the house.  I try to incorporate those moments into photo time, along with a little bit of guidance to make you feel most natural.  I’m very honest and upfront with you, you will feel a little awkward at first, but I promise as the day unfolds, so will you and you’ll forget about the camera.

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