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Can I invite guests to my elopement?

You can absolutely invite people to your elopement! It can even be your parents! Like I mentioned before, the modern definition for elopement is changing, it does not mean to just run off and get married secretly!

1. Why you should invite your favorite people to your elopement day

I think it is so special to be surrounded by a few of your favorite people that would support you no matter what. Just involving a few guests still makes it so you can create a day around what you want to do and your love story. You can have them involved in so many ways too which is special. You can all stay at the same airbnb together, or you can have them there for s special ceremony and toast. It is ultimately your day! So if you plan to have guest there for a ceremony but you still want to go on an adventure for sunset with just you and your partner, you can absolutely do that! Plan something special with your guests like a toast and hangout for a little then get started on your adventure.

2. Why only having your closest friends and family at your elopement day is important

In this industry, the number of guests at an elopement are usually limited to 20. When you start to have over 20 guest, the day starts to become more about the guests and less about you as a couple and takes away from that elopement feel. But if you would like to have more then 20 guests that is great and you can definitely do so! Typically, a guest count over 20 is considered in intimate wedding. You can still involve a fun activity and have an intimate feel, just with more guests involved!

3. Why you should do what feels right to you and not everyone else

Lastly, the day is yours and if you feel it would be more special and intimate to just have a celebration with your partner, then do it! There are no rules and you can celebrate the day exactly how you want! There are other ways to involved loved ones without having them there on the actual day, so keep that in mind when planning your day! I know elopements and intimate weddings are not for everyone, and I am not trying to push that. I am just here to tell you that there are options!


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