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Why you should consider planning your elopement / intimate wedding on a weekday

I’ve lived in NH all my life, and have always been the outdoor type, whether it was hiking, camping, fishing, etc… and I can tell you with certainty, this state is packed on the weekends! It is a beautiful place to vacation or visit, and if you live here, you know there are plenty of out of staters that will venture here on the weekends.

Honestly, I personally always try to hit off times even on weekdays too. My favorite times to hit the hiking trails to avoid crowds are weekdays at sunrise and sunset. Not only do you get to avoid the crowds, but you also get to enjoy the beautiful glow of golden hour. For such a special and intimate time, it is a good idea to try to avoid as many crowds as possible. You also are not going to want strangers in the background of your photos. These places are here for everyone to enjoy, so asking someone to move out of the way for photos or for your ceremony could become an awkward and uncomfortable situation.

Planning an elopement / intimate wedding on a weekday will automatically decrease the chances of your location being swarmed with people who are not guests. This is such an intimate and special time, I know I would feel a bit out of my element and in the spot light if the area I chose to elope was filled with strangers. Obviously this is your day and the day is made around you, but if you are someone who does not love to be in the lime light, this is a great option.

If you have family or friends that are traveling in to be by your side, travel prices are typically cheaper during the week. (I think plane tickets are cheapest mid week / Wednesdays). It is also going to be a little easier to find places to stay like airbnbs or hotels during the week, vacation spots fill quickly for weekends. If you're planning you elopement a few months out, most weekends may already be filled for where you intend to go. That brings me to my next point, because weekends fill up quicker, finding a place to stay during the week will also most likely be a little cheaper. If you're trying to save a little extra, this may be the way to go.

The last thing I want to mention is popular locations. Popular locations in New England are POPULAR! If you have your heart set on eloping at very popular location, I would strongly encourage you to consider for a week day elopement! Even planning for a weekday in a popular spot around NH, I would absolutely plan on strangers / other people being there. (Trust me, I am the queen of hiking with my pups and trying to avoid crowds as much as possible). But that is also a perk of working with me! My packages include location scouting!


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