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What is an all day elopement?

You’re looking to elope and you only want an hour of photo coverage for the ceremony and group photos. You’re thinking, why would I need more? Well, I’m here to tell you that your elopement day is a lot more than an hour of photos, why not celebrate with an unforgettable experience, and remember it that way?

1. How do you want to look back and remember your day? How do you want to feel on your day?

I always encourage couples to sit down together and think / talk about how you want to feel on your elopement day. How do you want to look back on it and remember it? Do you just want an hour of photos to look back on for your whole day? Or do you want to create an amazing experience doing something you absolutely love doing and spend every moment of the day in an intentional way? Even if you have been together for a number of years, and already live together, you can still create an amazing experience. This is even more of a reason to do so in my opinion, it's your marriage day, hopefully your first and last, so why not make it amazing! Simple, or extravagant, make a day all about you two! Intentionally plan a day doing things you enjoy doing together from start to finish, whether that is starting the day drinking coffee and getting ready together, taking a moment to soak in the day, or starting your day on a sunrise hike to say your vows in an epic location.

2. Making your day unique with intention

There are so many ways to make your elopement day unique, but do it in a way that is surrounded by what is important to you, knowing this is a once in a lifetime moment. You can make it a simple day doing things together you know you love, as long as the intention behind it is there, these moments are amazing to look back on. Or you can include some fun excursions in your day, doing something you have always wanted to do together but haven't.

My goal is to help create an amazing experience that you can not only look back on, but feel the way you felt during this special moment in time.

3. Here is what an all day timeline can look like:

8am- Enjoying Coffee at your favorite coffee shop together

9am- Hair + Makeup / Getting ready together

10am- Greet and hangout with some of the people that matter most to you

11-11:30am- Ceremony outside your airbnb

11:30-12:15pm- Family photos

12:15pm- Brunch / Toast / Relax

1pm-4pm Break / Hangout, relax

4pm- Meet at Airbnb to pack for hike

4:30pm- Travel to trail head

5pm- Arrive at trail head, hike to summit

6:30pm- Arrive at summit to share vows, take in the views, enjoy sunset

8pm- Hike down, head to airbnb for bonfire with family

This is just an example of a full day timeline. Everyone’s day can look so different! Some couples even choose to have 2 day elopements where the first day is surrounded by their closest people, and a ceremony, and the second day is all about them, and maybe has a fun adventure! There are so many ways to make your day unforgettable and unique, and I am here to help you do just that!

Style/model: @savannahjean09

Hair + Makeup: @_beautybylindsey_

Flat Lay: GandTLettering


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