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What is an Adventure Elopement?

So you're outdoorsy, and you love all things nature? Me too, I'm glad you're here! But let's cut to it, an adventure elopement might be the best thing for you! An adventure elopement can pretty much involve any activity you can think of! Hiking, swimming, fishing, skiing, camping, snowshoeing, the activities are endless! If there is something you and your partner absolutely love doing together, I would encourage you to think about making that part of your wedding day!

If you are a little unsure of what an elopement / intimate wedding is, head over to my blog post about What is and Elopement / Intimate wedding, What does it mean to Elope? for more info! An adventure elopement is a meaningful way of getting married and also including some sort of

adventure that is special to you. This adventure can be just you and your partner, or it can involve your guests. Your days is so customizable, it is totally up to you! This can even be a multi day event. For example, some chose to have a ceremony surrounded by loved ones one day, and a more intimate / adventurous day with their partner the following day.

You have the option to create a day that is authentically you and represents your love for one another. Physically doing something together is such a unique and awesome way to start your marriage. I'm not a super cheesy person, but when it comes to the moment you forever start your life with another person, it's pretty freaking special. That being said, there is something so metaphorical about adding in an activity to your day, like hiking a mountain. There are inclines, ups and downs, and steep hurdles you climb together to an amazing view / start to your life together forever.

  • Host: Kelsey Converse Photography

  • Design: By Emma B

  • Florist: Clementina Floral Co

  • Hair: The Wright Style

  • Makeup: Michaeleen Sicard

  • Stationary: Drawn to Ecology

  • Cakes: Henny B Cakes

  • Dress: Barbara Kavchok

  • Linen: BBJ Linen

  • Rentals: Peak Event Services/Events Delivered


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